It seems a distant memory now as I seek treatment for my trench foot, but we had a glorious autumn with some cattle still out grazing until the first week of December!

I don’t think the rain has let up since. Although I’ll have rain to the white stuff any day, Emily and Charlotte, my two young daughters, would disagree; they can’t wait to dust off their sledges.

Anyway that’s the weather moaning out of the way!

On the livestock front we’ve had a shortage of pigs between my uncle (who farms at the other end of the village) and I, so we have been buying our pigs from my Dad’s cousin near Mere and Michael Green from East Knoyle; still very local! However, we will have our old spot pork back in the shop by the second or third week of January.

As for cattle they are looking very well, with some of the older cattle putting on over 1.3kgs a day, a tribute to the quality of the silage we made during the Summer. Over 90% of our cattle are Aberdeen Angus Cross, with the remainder being Hereford Cross. Our butchers prefer the native British breeds, although we have seven Devon Cross calves at the moment as a bit of an experiment, and to add some colour to the herd (being red!). We will see the results in 18-20 months time and update you on them!

We hope you had a great, if slightly damp, Christmas, and we hope everyone has a fantastic 2014.

Cheers, Brian