Due to current issues in Chile, the recent sea lice out break in Norway and a pancreatic disease which has effected Norway and Scotland, we have had to raise the price of salmon to counteract the recent market increases and the low availability of fresh salmon at market. We will continue to supply all our usual salmon products, but please be aware that prices and availability may fluctuate over the coming year as demand increases towards Christmas.

As an alternative to salmon we have sourced Artic Charr from a local fish farm, which is a cousin of the Atlantic salmon. Like Atlantic salmon Artic Charr is also high in Omega 3 oils and has a similar texture and flavour, though the Artic Charr is slightly milder. The main difference is the colour of the flesh; Artic Charr has a very pale colour compared to Atlantic salmon.

If you do wish to know more, or you have concerns please feel free to come and talk to Sam on the fish counter.