Vegetable Oil
1 Traditional Homemade Pork Sausage
2 Rashers of Bacon
1 Fried Free Range Egg
1 Hash Brown
Baked Beans
1 Tomato
1 Mushroom


We will oven cook all but the egg and beans, so first brush a baking tray with a little vegetable oil to stop anything sticking. Place your sausage and the hash brown on the tray and pop it in the pre-heated oven at approximately 200˚C or 180˚C for a fan assisted oven or gas mark 6.

After about 10 minutes turn your sausage and hash brown before adding your bacon, halved tomato and mushroom drizzled with a little oil.

Whilst everything else is cooking in the oven, heat some oil in a frying pan (not too hot), crack your free-range egg into the pan and splash a little oil over it to help it cook nicely. Whilst these are frying, heat your baked beans gently on the hob.

Don’t forget to pop a slice of your favourite bread in the toaster and fill the kettle whilst waiting for everything to become piping hot and cooked all the way through, and then enjoy your lovely British breakfast!