Children’s feet are naturally soft, pliable and more flexible than those of adults. However, while foot pain is more often thought of as a condition that affects adults and seniors, there are enough reasons for concern for pediatric podiatrists to be available for their care. It is the same softness and pliability that makes them seem immune from foot conditions that puts them at risk when placed under abnormal pressure..

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Then there’s the notion of who is really at fault. Seymour says the main assertion he hears about the crisis when he visits Myanmar is that it’s being perpetrated by radical Islamic terrorists from Bangladesh and the Middle East not by Myanmar citizens or members of its government. “The other part [of what I hear] is that there are plenty of members of the opposition party who are very interested in creating this chaos and putting pressure on Suu Kyi, which has made her politically cautious.” Suu Goyard Replica Kyi first came to power in November 2015..

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