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about the udder farm shop

Opened in 2005, The Udder Farm Shop was the brainchild of Jane and Brian Down when they saw a lack of opportunity for buying local produce and few places for the local community to meet. Built from the ground up to their own specifications there is now a restaurant, deli, shop and butchery.

Themselves farmers they are able to ensure that all the beef or pork for sale in the farm shop or cooked in the restaurant is raised on their own farm next door, or bought in from the local village.

In fact, all the meats and products are sourced from the local area where feasible whether pork, biscuits, tea or paintings!

jane and brian

Brian and Jane Udder Farm Shop

Brian and Jane are the husband and wife team behind the Udder Farm Shop. Their farm next door has been in the Down family since 1938! They are a formidable force, keeping everything running whilst raising two young daughters.

our cows and pigs

The cows used on the farm are Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle. They are perfect for the local grazing conditions where the bulky clay soil means tasty grass, even in a dry Summer. Along with a healthy, happy lifestyle, they are grass fed and grown slowly, allowing a lean meat with a great flavour. Pigs on the farm are Gloucester Old Spots, a traditional breed providing great flavour.

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